About women wrestling

Female wrestling competitions has been organized for a long time but it have never been so big and widespread as now. One big step to make wrestling a common sport for women and girls was taken in the middle of the 1980s when The International Wrestling Federation, FILA, began to arrange female competitions. In 1987 an unofficial women world championships was held in Lorenskog, Norway. France and the home nation won 8 of the 9 weight classes. The french success was not a surprise. France was early to begin with female FILA wrestling and had a lot of good wrestlers like Martine Poupon, Sylvie van Gucht, Isabelle Dourthe, Sylvie Maret, Georgette Jean and Patricia Rossignol. Two years later it was time for the first official world championships for women in the city of Martigny, Switzerland. Once again France and Norway made good results and this time we also got two japanese champions, in the lightest and the heaviest weight classes. Shoko Yoshimura, Japan became the first real female world champion when she pinned Yu Hsin Huang from Taiwan in the 44 kg final. In the 75 kg category there was only two competitors, Miyako Shimizu from Japan and Norways Kirsten Borgen. Shimizu dominated the final and 19 seconds from full time she pinned the bigger norwegian girl. Since 1989 FILA have arranged women world championships every year and from 2004 female wrestling have been a part of the olympic games. 





Jenny Fransson, Sweden (in blue), world champion in the 72 kg category 2012.


Adeline Gray, USA (in blue) world champion in 75 kg 2014 and 2015. Here in a match

against Jackie Cataline.